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End of the Circle

by Seven

Numbers 06:52
there are places I've never been There are forces that bend the shape this is the finally its the final day just to lift you up again why can't you see this is over this is what you always wanted to forget what did you say? what did you really say? look inside let it clarify your eyes come and see you've traded out your life for this these traces of our sins erase them all to attain the only try you're given creating a prison to hold you down again. where did you go? why did you leave us where the fuck were you when darkness overcame? were you afraid? will I ever know? you're looking in through the window always coming up to the surface it seems living up to the things that they say giving in to the voices my stomach turns and so i am awake high above the earth, the sky and sea somethings pulling you back down why are you here? who did you come for?
Encryption 06:36
look at what this has made me become carving bullets to shape taking one last day patiently killing the science carving bullets to shape all i want is one last day open and close all my windows from the outs in but i still feel you i can still fucking feel you if i could only remember turning to stone in satellite you can take everything i admit you can take everything every... worthless, spineless, pieces of shit that cover the way give me one more day constantly turning in motion give me bullets to shape all i want is one more day traded a lie for once i can burn high we all know that this isn't over we belong all alone no more losing hope decide
go on holding it up to till the ending or the ending you will never even know step right through into the burning building with no choice i realize you're willing give but now i can't feel like you're on the level. mute your voice you wanted to say it but the words always get in the way time passes by and i am stained beside her i am still beside the burning flame you try to escape and nothing can help you get out help you find away been down there for days and no one is looking for you you will never even know stay right here with me until its over to be saved I realize you're trying but give it up and don't look so afraid to notice one more time you wanted to be here but distance just gets in the way. its already been stay right here give it all to start again its never enough to give away and now its time to let you go. tempting me to play god silence you with my own hands can't speak i duct tape your mouth shut you're fucked all your streets have ended we fall apart its already been won but you wouldn't listen its time to let you go.
God Complex 05:42
and it waits like a stalker thats failing to find you and its not going to stop till it gets what it came for: you. breathe drag it out shudder the pretense shut it up now breathe let it out let it become you I've waited for you I've waited for your lie why did you walk away? why won't you look for the answer? the silent staring kills me once more the mind tries to live in a maze that's so dark the ceiling is moving and closing in on our hands pray give it up stop trying to do this trying to do this breathe you fucking whore let it consume you forever its the distant its the angry its the nervous its the way you want it to surface so weak and complacent in trying to move move us its better this way i pretend again once more the mind tries to live in a maze this is the proof i can keel you fade i can see you growing distant everyday this intent drag it away
I didn't see this coming and I don't know if i will ever wake up the fire around us begins to wind around again waiting for a way to forget what you can't we've gone so far its been so long I forget where we began so I'm not waking up I didn't see this coming and I don't know if i will ever wake up the fire around us begins to wind around again now you believe in the devil now you believe its a dream take this tear it apart and forget it ever happened fucking act like you don't remember how it unfolded coming up with reasons you wont forget it now because I'm not waking up I didn't see this coming and I don't know if i will ever wake up the fire around us begins to wind around again and we shake we follow the atrophy and maybe replace should we ever meet again lost along the way I can hear you say to follow the atrophy and maybe replace
Distances 06:36
drag me under tread a little farther dig a little deeper die a little more now make it even harder drag me under just what are you trying to say here? just what are you trying to say? i'm taking a life tonight sorry theres something in cycle pulling you in face first I'm sorry just what are you trying to say bitch? running in place tried a little water digging fucking deeper take another weapon come a little closer pull the trigger open fire just what are you trying to say to me trying to pretend that you don't already wish you could undo everything you've done but you never will you've done this to yourself and you don't even know the time is already here remind me why i can't believe you would throw that away remind me suffocate every word remind me I'm not sorry i am washing my hands of this washing my hands of this. higher than the mirror there fire theres pressure theres home you will get what you deserve i warned you distances separate why won't you fucking die?
the storm that surrounds instinct has let you down drawings of an evil smile shining through give in to the one and ten as far as it is i never wanted this formless sense of self restriction setting in give in to the one and ten its alright its all wrong crucify watch it all change and I'm addicted to the chemical crucify watch it all change letting your light burn out and you're a danger to the outside world suspended in time for a moment the darkest city here lights the way to hell overcome and connected to the dream i am the light i am the temple playing with fire a fire that will not sleep dull senses led you down and they're taking over
Circles 07:12
expect to fail i expected so much more the wait is over the day is dead theres so much more before it ends theres always another price to pay a faceless smile i have i haven't see you i've never been this far the surface of the skin the cancer in your heart the fire in the sky all come down too we fall into the ocean we fall before it ends its taken its turn and now its time to go when will we know to set it in motion? and it feels like home stand in the wake's embrace and it feels like I'm home stare in the face and break before it ends
Openings 02:18
[...and its his feet tearing across the sky...and the thunder is him screaming...either because he's angry or because he's sad...i think he's going to get mad tonight...] the magic of the lights and how they disappear to feel brand new
Chapters 04:46
do you think you can handle this its more than human now i can't stop the cycles from progressing forward i can't wait for waves to come and tear it down i am done and i am waiting patiently and without coming up for air to feel brand new i won't let the enemy in but i will let you down facing forward come back to the reason controlled reactions face out take a look take a good long fucking look at this place are you too scared to run? I'm so far that i can't be there to see it all come down scenes from the life we had godless virus something is different the world gets smaller i can't stop the cycles from progressing forward the world gets smaller i can't wait for waves to come and tear it down a trivial process i really don't care


3rd full length album from Seven


released January 7, 2014

VII: all music/vocals/production


all rights reserved



Seven Las Vegas, Nevada

VII- vocals, guitar, bass, programming, production etc...

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