Echoes of Old Voices in the Rise of New Machines

by Seven

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Icium At first this album sounded somewhat strange to me but the more i listen to it the better it gets cause the feel of it is so unique and there's so many details to it. I absolutely love this style of music and your voice! Favorite track: Nothing.
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Travis Always loved listening close to the structure of these songs and admiring the writing skill required to construct such music. A great start for a humble beginning, despite the balance of sound quality being a little rough around the edges. With the right EQ, the sound won't detract too much from the musical strengths each song possesses. The album will still be one of my old favorites, and I'm glad there's a more convenient way to finally purchase it! Favorite track: Dynamic Symmetry.
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released August 1, 2007



all rights reserved



Seven Atlanta, Georgia

VII- vocals, guitar, bass, programming, production etc...

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Track Name: Fall
look right over me and
so violence fades in slow
come to mind it is fine and its alright
colors of our own

stand up straight when you walk you can't see me
and words don't care anymore
punishment for my sins
and the world came down in the end
punishment for sin

so patience wears too low
crawl inside your confinement before I shove you in myself

and the words are just starting to get through

you're half as mad as ever

I've been waiting in here for so long
chemical lung
I've been trying to catch you
i will never cover you
I cannot stay
i cannot breathe
I will never cover you.
Track Name: Dynamic Symmetry
sit and watch you give
I know what you do
you're the murderer the murder
and I am the one you kill

you concede your eyes
and insist its okay to be undone

the planets are deceived so easily

you are just a fucking piece of shit
and I want everyone to know it
god damn wrong as wrong can be
one more day to believe it
I shed my skin

leave regrets of these shining years
reasons to deny
don't you wish the day would come inside
you're inside

an opaque color of hope
that's what you said
god forbid that you even try
that's what you meant

the will to drown
the need to breathe
the echoes of former voices inside the rise of new machines fade.
Track Name: Alchemical
how is it?
how do we hurt them?
suspend their lives in their faith
with no regard
you give it away
you give it away
you'll never see the light of day
and I mean never
forget it all we're done

retina from my minds eye I
will never see it
will never see the rain
and I mean never

to begin you let them take you again
looking for a better place to die in the end
form the center and
we laugh like children here
we will die together

could this be the one
the murder

forget it all we're done
Track Name: Cold White Christ
did you really think that you would evolve?
have you ever seen your dreams dissolve?
imagine everything you know fall, break and crumble apart

take a look at he city from the sky
take a look outside your window
see the city die
do you believe me?
the ending approaches the building in flames and soon there will be no one left

now smashing your face face against the glass
just cover eyes
now pressing your hand against lesions
needs pressure and time

don't let the fear cut through to your heart
ever get the feeling you're losing touch
never get to see the story end
do you ever see yourself from the outside looking in and wonder who you are?
this picture is frozen an anchor has fallen and
I won't mind
you were right here
I won't feel anything

will it change
our lives
and our thoughts

couldn't save our lives
prospect seems lonelier now and you're right here
you're gone forever
then the day comes and washes away everything

looking at us through the glass
staring raving laughing
his image in the human measure cast.
he wants us to burn the world down
cold, white
Track Name: ...And The Sky Went Red
all i imagine
i can't ignore the things i saw i heard
all i missed i can't do this anymore
find the limitations of the mind
consciousness evolving into light

there is no way though there is only
letting focus go we progress into acceptable insanity inhuman incomplete
standing above the ground
watching the lights go down

didn't want to see that I needed you more
never saw the sun

there's jesus in the window
its getting hard to see it
its getting hard to recognize the lie inside your head
all my faith watching you run around.

create your reality
it won't fit but it falls together just right
come around that corner
covered and
he didn't want to see
anything at all
Track Name: Gravity
black it out
wish you could fell this I'm trading place
bleeding the truth
and now
now for your punishment
now we can never see
now we can never go back
they've covered you up and erased you
but you left us so thin
I try to unwind whats raveling right in front of you.

we pray for anything at all
to come back forever
this is just a dream
just a figment you believe in

there is no fucking god
there is nothing more than consciousness and light inside the vessel
I know it hurts
but just for a moment or two
I know
everyone is on to you.

for no reason
theres never a reason theres never been
you know its true

and now you fell through my hands

all my patience
just keep it together its over soon
its over soon

take crowd aside
open uo my inner eye
then follows coarse
and the frail filters through the sky
I begin to remember to be alone

regret to feel
regret for nothing
regret for all these thoughts
and gravity

and I am the circle
your own delirium
Track Name: Nothing
now what is wrong
are you scared of the candles amber radiance
theres something in the way

the way you want it could we feel any more alone
can i ask
is everything alright?

will we hide behind the lies and always be this hollow?

wonder deep into the shade
block the sunlight away

I need this only to medicate

get ready to fail because its over

forgetting it all
uncover before you throw it away

in all
we've never come so close

just stay behind the shadow
just before you're awakened

no one ever gets to flow upstream
confined out here
we float timeless

wander deep into the shade
you fucking left things this way
divide the ones that aren't allowed to stay
no one ever gets to flow upstream
we just stay in the shadow
Track Name: Vector
staying sleeplessly in harm
only painting away the dark
divide them
i can't remember
the way you were
stuck on the image even farther
the light is dead
the visions fade
its killing us all

take back the images so flown
the way it was before
you fucking lost yourself again
and again its like were never here
we never really thought that we were imagining it

you want it you had it you get it give me the automatic

a frozen state of disarray
to focus
critical and vague
intentions surround me

will you wake us up

there we are in red
and the wheels of heaven stop
time is up
we're never going to make it

die alone
paper for my faith
impulses divided
Track Name: To the Machine
i give you everything I've got
i am mechanical
I'm wide awake
i give you everything I've got
I'm wide awake and dead
the depths of our

how do you sleep
how do you sleep when the sky is fire
the battlefield is typical
the day is gone
and i am standing still
i will stay right here

they don't want
they don't you to know
keep us all in the dark
fucking us all again
they don't want you one step from me

we kill each other
and you walk out on me
because i need you to remain

I will die for this
one day this city will burn
all this we're finally catching up

I commend you all.
Track Name: December
in that one moment when the world was silent

when you're gone

I will fade

in a memory we all die and I can't live from the end

when you're gone

the depths of our fear

I will fade away

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