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by Seven

Architect 05:29
no pressure here no light for years red will down god help us all i'm guilty I'm hiding it well conscience calls the guilty home there just below the surface of the concrete lives the devil's son we captured time we filmed it all close your eyes you should not see I'm dead but I'm taking it well pray for hell pray for us conserve the vile the end begins you don't want to give that away you don't want to be so fucking needed you don't want to see it all the ends come marching in beginning to open up the sky and reach your hand in thought i didn't know thought i... god damn
The Burning 06:59
in you i will deny your truth i will live a lie (you admitted something) is this how you want it go down? is this how you want it to be now? watch it burn take it slow is the way that you always had wanted to be is this all thats keeping us around as we watch it burning down consequence blistered hands laugh still faces that he managed to reveal still hover over hints of sanity can you see it? can you feel it? don't look at me
Deadlights 06:58
blacked out imagery can't get it back still fail to see hidden in front of me the words that i need to show it fucked up chemistry the actors just stepped out of the scene mirror covers faded gray inside the outside shut down separate the need from the gain and ignore the same glorified distorted faded gray inside how deadlights feel alone how deadlights feel imagine where you are to me facing a never ending fiction taking a side something to hide you're playing the game god concentrate focus the faded grey
i can't feel this this i can't die if you can think of a reason and maybe not believe it tell me why you need it vision wasn't what it seems did not didn't think our faith was so small we get to move through you can't see me as i am and i bet it falls too far along planets all aligned in seeds of pigment bleeding over me in line across the sky time razor fold under pressure you're taking the measure i hope you know that I'm still here still empty we get to move through i need to move it just keeps going on empty we get to move through
I look for a piece of energy but not alone I awake from the sleep that protects me but not alone so we sit here wondering how long before its done (I'm in this shit because of you) smile for the camera it watches everything you're not alone I leave for a sense of clarity it gets away this is my place of recovery this gift is a gift you've given up for lies and if you're patient it may light up the sky does it feel like its the first time and the last time you will be here tell me its okay I know what you're thinking to the sound of the sun tearing it self apart we will burn for this we will burn just for this
we built the temple we've got the answers our ability fails we strip the conscience break down the mindset our ability fails time sees what you never will and drags it out forever staring cold and silent time sees what you never will go save yourself get out now before... the perfect distance leading us to here light moves through you we've stripped the conscience break down the mindset our ability fails going through the motions just take it in theres no more meaning I'm never going to fold again I hope it holds you down and always remember the day your planet died for tonight tell the enemy we've kept ourselves below and i could stay here forever the devils in the details
for all the words you never said I shake them in now that the light is gone you get what you wanted even here i can't stop for all the guilt you never had forget it its too late for all the bullshit started now disregarded every change give me a reason to stand around and wait for something so hide behind a lie behind a veil it never fails your god is gone the names and faces change for the cost for us all your god is gone for all the drugs we take to mend to make you sick a million pills to find a cure a million eyes to watch it burn look into the sky as it starts to fall down pieces defending all day this is the reason
the gun is empty and harmless it leans against the wall so gone so wrong can you save me? don't let them in till the river ends don't let them into the water do you believe in god? believe in controlled life. breathe and join us now i feel stronger and not held down could it be the same when it over? i think its over away
Floodline 06:08
I'm down you're not the sirens here just won't stop the sound you make that beckons you to shape walk away with your head down out here in the open air we don't care what the censored lines say anyway i'm turning off the oxygen and holding still on random giving up a dream you had I want to help you follow I'm down you're not the pages of vanity just won't stop the moves in the make form molding me to shape fuck it away with your face down finally gave in to breathe slowly form the water right now and it brings the tide back down but only for a moment then recede like a needle needle through and over glass pieces scattering nearly nothing left like a razor razor to the skin again its a cycle our lives are cold
Veil 05:31
how did i get here what have i done i feel late I just won't look wearing this scar something you took whatever happens to us promise that we'll stay the same lose every will to find you we'll never know we can't find it anyway how the hell did I get here what the fuck have i done I feel late I just won't look wearing this scar something you took in the end its coming
Sleep 04:18
the air we cauterize tonight we're not supposed to know the truth and if time is on your side fade through we're going under you give yourself away letting the walls come down because tonight is the night breaking your machine the end we compromise tonight a thousand miles to go ahead and a conscience on your mind breaks up we're going we stumble
all I can remember is a photograph and now that I recall its just a picture and that shows you just how little I care I don't believe in anything I never really did I don't believe in you I never really did all I can remember is a photograph and promises no more red shining through we talk to god about the day walk in circles endlessly we're breaking down the fire don't want to give its all that I have can we still pretend the worlds not ending? I can't imagine crippled and following i can't imagine can we still pretend the worlds not ending?


2nd full length album from Seven


released October 31, 2009

VII: all instruments, vocals, production, etc.


all rights reserved



Seven Las Vegas, Nevada

VII- vocals, guitar, bass, programming, production etc...

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